Monday, February 15, 2016


Well--Saturday was scrap quilting--
and I had found a butterfly pattern--
with paper piecing--so being the 'nut' I am--
I just had to try one--
Meet Gidget--
Gidget and I did not get along very well--
I spend a very long long time on trying to get the black point of her head to come out right--
like many many times--I did not succeed!!!
so was ready to give up--
yet I really did love the butterfly=
so sent her to 'rehab' and now look--
Does she look fancy now--
so at this point I do plan to make more--
she has 2 other friends--and I need a blue / purple one for January--
( pattern by lillyella stitchery)

then I found a star tissue paper pattern --
and I have always wanted to make some of these--
and I thought these came out fairly easily--
until the next morning when I noticed that the star on the left has a point missing--
the piece of fabric is not long enough--so it will have to go to 'rehab' and be cured!!

Yesterday for slow stitching Sunday I worked on the fox--
There is more design in each corner--but I am not sure I want to do more on these--
I kinda like the frame look as is--soooo--and--
I did get a couple stitches on the Feb one--

And this morning--
I am fighting a sinus allergy or coming down with a cold--
but wanted to stitch something--
so as I have had this one waiting patiently in the wings for me--
I worked on it--
Does anyone remember this one????
I have all the color blocks done in strips--just needed to sew the white strips to them and then sew the two sets together--simple sewing for today--just what I needed!!

And an update on Buddy--( my new roommate--Betta fish)
I seen all these bubbles in the tank the other day and got worried--
but have learned that this is a gooood thing--
it means that Buddy is a happy fish--and he thinks he might have a female in his future--these bubbles are held together somehow and are making a nest for the babies!!!
( sorry Buddy--no plans for a lady fish!!)
But am happy to know that he likes his new home!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Woohoo! Well done - beautiful butterfly! Cute stars too and lovely cross stitch! Hehe nice to hear Buddy is well settled into his new home! HOpe that allergy/cold doesn't eventuate :-)

  2. Wow - you're really getting into paper piecing! I've never quite mastered it, except for the occasional crazy quilt block. Very pretty butterfly. And it's wonderful that you're able to run your own rehab business quite successfully. Welcome Buddy!

  3. I like paper piecing, but that pretty butterfly looks really difficult! The stars are pretty, maybe starfish?and that is why one arm is shorter?


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