Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our pile of blocks for the Splendid Sampler is growing--
and I added 2 more to my pile this week end--
this next block was designed to have some embroidery in it
to make it look like crochet--
I went looking through my box of small doily's and guess what I found--
I found 2 that would work--
the first one --
the pink one--
was actually crocheted by my Granny many years ago--like when I was only 17 yrs old--
hey--that makes it 50 yrs old!!! She made me a set of 6 of these coasters and a set of 4 place mats to go with them--I don't really use the coasters--so this is a great way to put some memories into this quilt--
but I also found the tatted doily and so I made a second block using it--
to go with these blocks--
have 6 blocks in these line so far--
and here is the other set lined up so far--
and there is 8 of these--
Love all these blocks so far!!

And I got another basket block finished last night--
and I got more of the basket patterns copied off today--
and did prep another one--
but am done for today--
as the daughter called and she is kidnapping again for the afternoon--
so I am off on an adventure--
love and laughter, di


  1. After all that stitching, you're certainly entitled to go off on an adventure! Where was it this time?? Great use of the crochet coaster.

  2. Fabulous blocks. What a great find those coasters were. I am off to hunt in the op shop for one as I don't crochet.....

  3. Hello Di. I have been checking out some of your post and boy, have you been busy! everything looks so pretty. I have started these blocks too, but after not being able to sew for all these months, they seem so tiny and fiddly. But it is so wonderful to get to sew again. I have really missed it. I love all the things you are doing. The baskets are very cute. I saw one somewhere that was tilted over and had Easter eggs spilling out. I liked that idea. It is something for my to-do pile--ha!--like I don't have anything else to do. Well, that is all for now. Hope to get back later. Take care.
    (Oh by the way, on both of your blocks above with the pretty dollies, you have one of the HST's in the corners turned wrong.)

  4. Gorgeous Splendid blocks Di and what a lovely idea to use the work of your Grandmother :-) Also a beautiful basket block!


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