Saturday, March 5, 2016


Yep--I was kidnapped yesterday afternoon--
I just finished my big meal of the day around 4pm--
when the phone rang and DD said she was coming to 'kidnap' me!!!
that means we will be on a surprise adventure!!
I was told what to pack for the 'kidnapping'--
she arrived and off we went--
and here is where we landed--
the beach--
I had not been to the beach since last May--and that day it was too hot to walk the beach--
but this trip was better--
but--it was very windy--
we still walked for a ways--
and I took lots and lots of photos--
I did feel sorry for the birds--the wind was so strong out of the north--
that when they went to fly--it was like they were suspended in the air--

felt sorry for them--
but happy for me, cause I got lots of close ups of them--
we were also walking in the dog area--
so seen some neat dogs--
this one is a great Dane, named Jack--
I was surprised at the amount of sand now and the shells--
I really don't remember there being so much of either 20 years ago when I lived here!!
After we left the beach we did go to a  Walmart across the street and I was able to do a bit of shopping--
then the DD wanted to have her supper and we went to a Japanese Restaurant called--
Jade Palace--I did eat a little of her delicious meal--
these are my souvenirs of the day--!!!
Love and Laughter, di


  1. Lucky you...I love the beach! :0)

  2. How wonderful your DD kidnapped you and took you to the looks lovely . Nothing nicer than a walk on the beach.. its often windy at the beach here too but I still love it..
    Have a great day....

  3. lots worse things than being kidnapped to the beach.

    Hi, Jack.

  4. What a fun surprise! I haven't been to the beach for ages - everything here is still covered in white .... :-)

  5. Yay - You finally made it!!!! I want to be kidnapped and taken to the beach. :-) Lol - love the fortune cookie in with your shells.


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