Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am still here and working away--
I worked on the second counted cross on Sunday--
and for some reason--
felt I needed to finish it--so that took some time on Monday and Tuesday--
but here's the first 2 months--
so now I am have March and now Aprils yet to stitch--

and I am really working hard to get this finished--
My Easter door hanging--this is longgggg--
Yesterday I was finally able to take the backing, batting, and front down to the community room and baste it so I can hand quilt it--got a bit of hand quilting done last night--
and guess where I did more today??
Down on the dock--
I am really trying to get outside more--
remember I now live in the Sunshine state--so lets get out there and enjoy it--before--
it gets too humid to do so---
have spent some time 4 days this week down on the dock--and have taken my lunch down there to eat it and the camera--great place to photography some wild life--
here is a couple from Tues I got--( or was it Monday??)
Mr. Cardinal-
Mrs Cardinal--
Mrs Duck--
I don't put the bread out--a couple other residents do--
I just get to enjoy the wildlife !!
got some other nice photos for another day--

I don't have to cook for the 'kids' tonight--Daughter is doing the St patties day dinner at her place!!
Have a great 'green' day with family and friends--
love and laughter, di


  1. that's a lot of bread to draw the critters :)

  2. Cute fox :-). And the Cardinal is beautiful - wish we had them here.
    I actually sat outside in the sun yesterday - my front doorstepnis now free of snow and ice!
    Have a lovely day - hugs

  3. Love the first two month. i stitch them too, but March and April i still haven't stitched.
    Great wild life pictures !


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