Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I got a couple packages in the mail last week--
first I got this sweet gift--
This came from Carol H in NJ--
I met her through this blogsite even though she does not have her own blog site--
but we keep in touch  though cards and letters, and this was a Thank you for the little things I have sent her here and there--Thank you Carol--just love this cat--and by the way--she is housebroke and doesn't even need kitty litter or food--how great is that--

then one of my dear blog friends, Sunny--
sent me some early Birthday gifts--
and I was 'bad' and finally could not wait to open the package--
Look at all these goodies--
Sunny had shown us the wall hanging on her blogsite and I had fallen in love with it--
and now look, it is mine--love it----yep, I really do, Sunny--
and the cat quilt pattern is so cute--think I do have to work on that one--
just deciding on colors right now--
Thank you Sunny--

and here is a bit of quilting--

sorry the color is off on this photo!!
these are 3 more sets of 2 for the Circa 2016 quilt--

and in counted cross stitch--
I have another month finished--
and don't tell Di--but she forgot to iron this before she took the photo!!!
and I have a nice start on April's--so I am happy about that!!!

and another baby sweater got finished--
and another one has been started--
this is my update so far--
not any sewing this week though--
have some other things going on--
but I am still getting my good walk in each day in the Sunshine and going down to the dock to feed the birds and squirrels and to do photos--
Have a wonderful day-
love and laughter, di


  1. You certainly got some lovelies! Happy early birthday! It always amazes me how much you accomplish! XO

  2. I didn't know you were doing the monthly cross stitches! I joined the Facebook group recently, but haven't started the stitching yet. So much to do, and so little time. As you well know. Adorable little sweater. And I love the pic with the squirrel and the Cardinal. You're very welcome for the gifts. Happy Early Birthday!!

  3. I'm so glad you like the picture. I'm glad it fit in well with your birthday just around the corner! :-)

  4. Love any shot with a cardinal in it.


  5. I have given up on cross stitch. My eyes can't really handle it. There are so many wonderful designs I would like to do. You completed a sweet little design.

  6. Beautiful gifts you recieved.
    Your stitching is wonderful and I love that baby sweater.


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