Saturday, April 2, 2016


Remember a couple weeks ago, now when I told you,
that my DD was kidnapping me for an adventure--
it really was one--
we went here--
You may remember me telling you and showing you some photos when we went there, when I was in Florida last May for a vacation--before I moved down there--
even that first week in May the weather was 'hot' and "we" could only take being there an hour--
but this time--
we stayed for nearly 3  hours before my DD knees gave out and my back!!!
This Zoo is about half mile from the main road way and cars park at angles for this whole distance--
and then we seen buses and lots and lots of kids, then I remembered that it was spring break--
but she said if she found a parking space in handicap we were still going--and boy did we find one--
timing was perfect--we parked right across this sign, which is the entrance!!
So here goes--
Yep the first thing I seen was this snake, just as we where entering the zoo!!
a very large colorful parrot of some kine--

huge bird with a pink neck--think he has a fish in that neck right now--

one very big turtle--

Parents and their 2 kids--napping--

these 2 Zebras where having fun--
one very large Rhino--
they live in the same area as the Zebra's--

and we have lots more to show you tomorrow--
I mean, I took 542 photos while there--and only deleted about 100 when I got home--
so that is 442 photos that I can show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. How fun! I haven't been to the Zoo in years. Maybe we should plan a trip soon, before it gets too hot. Thanks for the idea. And keep those pictures coming!!

  2. I love going to the Zoo. Looks like a fun filled visit for you with your DD ....


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