Thursday, May 5, 2016


that woodpeckers liked these--
peanuts--he/she grabbed one first--
Here is where I go for lunch each day-
This is right across the street from here--
and on the way down to sit and enjoy lunch and wild life--
sunflower seeds and peanuts fall along the railing !!!

I did get another baby sweater knitted--
I usually knit for bit after I eat lunch down there --
while watching my critters fight over the sunflower seeds!!!

And I have been busy on --
counted cross stitching--
hand quilting--
and some sewing--
just no photos right now to show you!!!
so you will have to take my 'word' for it!!!

love and laughter, di
PS guess what tomorrow is????


  1. I know what tomorrow is. It's Friday Hahaha! It just happens to be your birthday soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI!! I hope your day is wonderful and filled with the best of everything. Will be thinking of you. Big hug!

  2. My daughter especially likes cardinals. Blue Jays second. We have a problem with cardinals in the spring time. They peck at our bathroom and bedroom windows in the mornings. I guess they see their reflection. Wakes up a sleeping person.

  3. T.G.I.Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic place to enjoy your lunch and some wildlife. DH feeds the squirrels on our deck, along with a multitude of birds. We've actually had a couple of crows on the deck lately! Never seen that before. And the starlings are eating all the suet, so we're done putting that out until next winter. Have a marvelous Birthday!!

  4. Beautiful birds! So colouful - you are lucky to enjoy their company ( and they yours😊).
    And have a great day tomorrow - hope you are going to do something fun. Big hug!

  5. Hoppy Birthday dear friend! What a gorgeous place to spend your birthday!!


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