Thursday, June 23, 2016


I finally got around and stitched up 2 new dresses--
I sorta went by May's and June's color of the month--
or at least I tried toooo!!!
and here is all the blocks so far--
so now I have '8' dresses to pick from to wear each day--
and am out of patterns--
so need to do some more designing--
would like 12 total I think--
and all I can say, so far about them is--
that orange one sure is bright--
I might need to wear my 'sunglasses' when I wear that one!!!!!

love and laughter, di
PS-- I just did an update on Di's workbasket site--
in the upper left hand corner of this site--


  1. Oh these are so cute! They are adorable. So you are designing them yourself? Very clever. June's dress is just too cute for words.

  2. The dress designs are oh so nice. I used to draw and color paper doll clothes when I was a kid. This reminds me of that. They just need tabs added and maybe a paper doll shape on one block to be much like what I remember.

  3. Such gorgeous dress designs Di....

  4. You've got a wonderful wardrobe there, Di! It does look like you are having fun with those :-)


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