Saturday, July 16, 2016


I got another basket block all embroidered--
I do love these when they are done--
but there is a lot of stitching on each one--
along with figuring out the color of the flowers each time--
I did go through all my embroidery colors (over 400) and took out about 5 reds, 5 pinks, 5 greens, 5-6 browns,5 yellows, 5 blues, and 5 oranges to match the 30's colors I had used in the fabric on the blocks and have each color in a zip lock bag--and that has helped alot!!

I am now working on the Bee blocks--
and 'yes' I did change each one a bit--
hope to have them done by Sunday to show you-- as the next 2 blocks will be out by then--
and I have started the next hand quilting project!!
and I am always knitting on a baby sweater--
oh and wait--it is the week end and now it is time to work on my monthly counted cross stitch project--
and --
I am trying to sew on the machine each day--
0ohhhh--and wait--
I need to get another dress designed for this months color of hot pink and lime green--
and then there is ??????

So now when I am suppose to read the 5 books that I got on the library van on Thursday--
good thing I am retired and have all the time in the world!!!!lol

And I have to go for my walk each day and down on the dock and watch the critters and the birds each day--
Like Lurch--he follows the fishermen around in hopes they will throw him some bait fish they just caught!!
Nothing like a lazy bird!!!
have a great week end--
love and laughter, di


  1. find a fisherman...find a bird or two.

  2. Oh those basket blocks make my heart sing. What size is just the embroidered square?

  3. Whew. I read this earlier, and had to go rest! What a perfect name for your heron - Lurch. I LOL'd at that!

  4. Oh you sound like me Di. Having sew many things on the go...sometimes I don't know what to work on, oh I I just remembered I didn't answer your last email...phew....
    Better get myself organised...
    Another Splindid Sampler block comes out tonight too.....

  5. I'm retired too and stay busy like you! I do a lot of different things every day and try to read at night. It's FUN though, isn't it? And always nice to be creative. Love your beautiful baskets! Hugs, Diane


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