Thursday, July 7, 2016


Welll--on some projects that is--
Have been a busy little 'bee' working on the new Bee blocks--
and have all '7' blocks done now--
Block 3 got done over the week end--
block #6--love this block--my cake has a strawberry layer and a chocolate layer!!
and sits on a green depression cake plate!
and this yellow tiger kitty is hiding in a patch of flowers!!
and here is all 7 of my blocks so far--what fun these have been to stitch this summer--
and the next 2 blocks won't be out until this week end--( these are all done on white backgrounds--but when I take my photos mornings, my windows are still have the curtains closed to keep out that morning sunshine and heat!!so it looks beige--)
so all caught up on these!!!!

July's counted cross stitch is finished and on display and so far the August block is not out--
I am caught up on this project too!!!

and I got another basket block embroidered--
Here is the 3 of them I have gotten done so far--
Just 17 more to go of these!!!

And here is the sewing machine project I am working on--
So you remember this one--it was on Terrys site a couple years ago or so now--
I did one then but did not use the white  and just didn't like it when finished--
so this is my 2nd try and it has been a couple years in the works now--but do hope to finish it as I want it to go on my twin bed--at least that is todays plan!!!

love and laughter, di


  1. How fun to see another one of my sew-along quilts! That one was one of my favorites! :0)

  2. Love those embroidered basket blocks.

  3. Love the Bee blocks and the baskets. The machine project looks nice and crisp - keep it going :)

  4. Where are the embroidered basket block from? They're beautiful!!

  5. Ha! When I saw the title, I thought, No one is ever caught up. But you're making wondrous progress on all your projects. Perhaps I should send some of mine to you?? I LOVE the basket blocks. Where did you find them? Keep up the good work, and keep cool!!!

  6. ohhh you have done so much !! Still love those bee blocks !

  7. My favorites are the bee blocks - I love your clever idea to have a green depression plate. (I love depression glass) Your blocks are wonderful.

  8. You are doing well keeping up with all the gorgeous blocks... Great job.

  9. You are such a busy bee! I think I need to come to your place to get motivated!! xx


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