Monday, July 11, 2016


Another quilt is all finished--
I believe this was a couple mini charm packs that I just sewed together randomly into 9 patches --
and then had the perfect fabric for the borders--
I hand quilted around each of the flower groups on this border-
a bit more on the hand quilting designs in the center of the quilt
And remember this fox fabric???
it is on the back of this quilt--

so another project is finished--
and I got my last hand basted quilt out today and have decided on the handquilting designs for that one--
but now need to be thinking about whether to put some already made blocks into quilt tops for basting or to do up some more tops I have in the closet that are waiting for batting, backing, and basting????????
love and laughter, di


  1. That turned out really pretty, Di! And it looks like you're having fun with your photo shoots. What a beautiful setting. Can't wait to see what you decide to work on next. I've been on a mission to finish up many small projects!

  2. Very sweet, Di! Can't wait to see the next one in line! You'll just have to see how you feel in the morning to decide what to work on next! Some mornings, I want to start something new, others I can't wait to finish up a UFO.

  3. Lovely finish Di...have fun choosing and working on the next project...
    Love the cartoon.....

  4. Beautiful Di. I love the colors in it.
    I have a question. I am working on 16 inch blocks with a white square in the center that is used for embroidery. I want to use vintage flower patterns. I was looking through your post and saw where you are using colored pencils to fill in the designs. So my question is---How do you keep the pencils from fading? Do you need to set the colors with an iron? Will they stay on there after washing? Curious minds like to know LOL I thought this might make the flowers stand out more in such a bib block. I also thought about applique. I am doing these in between other things so I will be taking my time with these.Any advice would be very much appreciated. Have a great week!

    1. Sorry-I meant to type BIG. You can tell it is almost my bed time

  5. Good on you - another lovely finish!! What great progress on your ufos you are making!

  6. Great border for the quilt. And yes - perfect place for the foxes! Good job Di. Keep it up.

  7. That's the perfect border for the quilt! It looks so pretty! xxx


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