Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I can't believe that I have been able to keep up
with the BEE blocks each week--
maybe there is 'hope' for me after all!!
Here is last weeks blocks--
Now that mail box is all me--
the original pattern is just the flower--
but you know me--
have to change everything--
so finally decided on a mail box and to name my farm!!
and a picnic has to have a red checked table cloth !!!!
The next 2 blocks are posted and I have just copied them off--
so need to go and get them prepped for this weeks sewing!!

and I forgot to show you 2 new treasures from out free table down stairs--
got this nice cart and was thinking about it being a sewing cady-
but Bubbles and his tank won out!!
And this cute stool walked home with me the other day--
I love stools and had to sell all my little wooden ones when I moved down here nearly a year ago now--

Love and Laughter, di
I believe this place is as good as any to eat my peanut--said the squirrel the other day while I was down on the dock--(I am the animal whisper!!!)


  1. Anywhere is a good place to eat a peanut. :)

  2. Are their any quilters in your apartment building besides you?

  3. Free is always good! Nice to know that you're filing in your apartment and making it cozy. Your NY apt was so adorable! You really have a knack for decorating.

  4. Good morning Di. The addition of the mailbox looks very pretty. It really makes the block stand out more. If you would like another bee block go to---http://www.jacquelynnesteves.com She has two free downloads-one with a bee and hive, another with a sewing theme. They are both very cute.
    I really love the basket blocks. The last one you did is my favorite so far, but all of them are very beautiful. I can tell you have put a lot of work into them. I know it will be a treasure when you finish.

    1. Di, I wanted you to know that I drew a flower on a cotton scrap of white cloth with a permanent marker. Then I colored it with the pencils. After pressing, it looked wonderful. The colors were rich and vibrant in color. But after washing it, all the pencil coloring was gone. Only the marker stayed.

  5. Lovely blocks ...how nice to pick up some free goodies for your apartment...
    Cute Squirrel....

  6. I like the personal touches you have put on your Bee blocks...also your new treasures look just perfect for your space!

  7. Good job keeping up Di! Maybe you can teach me how to do that... :) xx

  8. thanks for stopping by today, don't forget to put tiny screwdriver on your list.. love the squirrel and the watermelon and red check table cloth remind me of my mother, she loved both. she had the red and the blue checked cloths and we used them for picnics.

  9. So good that you are keeping up with your blocks. Love the stool !
    Beautiful picture of the squirrel


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