Friday, July 29, 2016


I am getting the basket blocks embroidered--
Not sure I am doing one a week--
but it is close--another one has been started--
but not it is time to work on this weeks Bee blocks--
see we have about 7 blocks more to make after these 2--so will be doing them all through the month of August it looks like!!

And DD took me to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon for more of the cotton yarn I use on the baby sweaters--I have the last 2 skeins on the needles now--
and I learned it was on sale through Saturday--savings of about 60 cents a skein--
so was a good time to do a trip--
and lookie what came home with me--
And there is some new ones--the marbled ones are new--so can't wait to work with them--
got 13 more skeins at least 7 more sweaters on this chair!!
While there, the DD and I was looking at more adult color books and colored pencils-
not sure why--have plenty of each--
but look what she bought me--
A whole color book on Butterflies--and I wanted to try out this new brand of pencils--
and I really liked them--they colored up nicely!!

and then the 'kids' took me to Friendly's for dinner--
and yes we did top of the meal with a Happy Endings, ice cream sundae!!!
this is the same Friendly's that both my daughter and I worked at years ago and is pretty much the only one left for miles and miles on this coast!!

Well--I need to get my Bee blocks traced and colored--
so keep cool if you are where it is HOT--( as it is here today--ouch!!)
love and laughter, di


  1. Love your basket block. And the sweater yarn looks yummy. How wonderful that it was on sale. Never turn down a sale. Do you ever hear anything about Miss Gracie?

  2. Oh! Wow! I haven't crochet in a while, but all those yarns look gorgeous. It makes me want to start again. We don't have any kind of fabric stores or hobby stores around here, but I heard they had opened a Hobby Lobby close by.(About an hours' drive.) So maybe I can get there sometime. Love the basket blocks!

  3. I am drawn to the basket block.

  4. Great basket again. I do love your yarn !!!!

  5. Pretty!! The basket and all the yummy yarn colors. I still need to pull out my coloring book and get busy!

  6. Lovely basket block Di and what a great pile of colourful yarns come home with you...
    Sew nice you are able to spend time with your family now...

  7. oooh, lovely bunch of yarn! Better wait till it cools down to use it though :) Love the coffee making cat! xx

  8. These are each one so beautiful. And I love that yarn. I know I should get back to crochet with all the new colors. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


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