Friday, August 12, 2016


There is alot of buzzing going on here lately--
so I did work on the last 2 two Bee blocks--
to show for it--
And look at what all that Buzzin created--
a jar of honey!!
and right now I would love one of these--
a chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting!!
and I would even love to have a black kitty visit me!!!

and now today--I have just downloaded the nest 2 Bee blocks--
we are getting to the end shortly of these blocks--
and I did see some neat Bee fabric that is to come out in Sept that might be just the right one for the lattice on these blocks--time will tell!!

Got a bit more rain--and seen these droplets still hanging around on the plants on the trail a couple days ago--
be good--
love and laughter, di


  1. Love your blocks! LOVE you funny cat picture! XO

  2. Love the blocks, Di. They look pretty with the embroidery and coloring. How many blocks are there in all?

  3. You've just been a stitching machine this summer!! Your raindrop picture is very pretty. And of course I love the kitties.

  4. LOL, those cats are too funny! Your blocks are awesome! xx

  5. I'm always partial to anything 'cats'...what a cute picture.

    Wishin' it would rain here! We're in such a drought now, it'll take some major storms to hit our area.

    I envy your quilting blocks. I made a Halloween quilt once...and after that project, I vowed to never quilt again...that is HARD challenging work, and I admire you doing such a 'bang up job' of it all.

    1. is the one and only quilt I made...

  6. You do such wonderful work with those bee blocks !!

  7. So glad you are working on and posting your bee blocks. I just love them!

  8. So glad you are working on and posting your bee blocks. I just love them!


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