Thursday, August 4, 2016


Luckily the new Bee blocks came out late this week--
cause I just finished up last weeks last night--
I love aqua bicycles for some reason--
so I had to color mine that color--there was alot of stitching on that one too--
but really love how it came out!!

Yesterday the next block came out and today should be another one--and as I wait until I have both patterns before tracing and coloring them--I am right on time--
but only because the next blocks where a bit late coming out!!!!!

And one more baby sweater is done--
so now I have 2 of the newest yarns on my needle--
but today on the dock--I ended up doing more 'unknitting' than knitting-
about 6-8 rows--as I seen,  I had make a mistake and it all had to be ripped out--at least I discovered it early--right???

And look who is getting really brave--
Southern Rocky is on the pier--headed to the dock where I am sitting--
here she is checking out Russell's cleaning bucket--
when Russell came back he did bring Rocky some food--I think if Russell hadn't shooed him back into the brush area-he would of come right up and ate out of Russells hand!!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. hugs to Rocky. We have our own Rocky. But Sissy doesn't like him at the bird feeder. Not one bit.

  2. Perfect choice for your bicycle color! Your friend Rocky is getting quite brazen, isn't he? Have you found a home for your beautiful little sweaters yet? THey're so sweet, some lucky little girls need to be wearing them.

  3. Your bicycle block is very pretty. I really like that color.

  4. Beautiful Bee blocks, love your Aqua cute is that wee cardigan.
    Fabulous photos of Rocky. He is getting very brave and cheeky.

  5. I want a bike just like that! So pretty!
    Cute little friend you have got there :)

  6. I love the vintage cars that are aqua. Bicycles too.

  7. Love the color in your bee blocks!!
    Are you doing that with pencil, dye, crayon, or?


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