Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I got 2 more Bee blocks done--
But they are not the ones that everyone else did--
Leave it to me--
to always having to change something--
Here is the 2 blocks that I designed for this quilt-
A clothesline with clothes--
I knew that I would probably do a clothesline when  I first started the quilt--
as clotheslines are sooo country to me--
this block will replace the kite block--

And one has to have a wagon on a farm--
to fill up and pull around the farm!!!!
wanted to color it red--but there is a bit of red in this quilt already--
so did a blue one instead--
this block will replace the row of flowers one--

and now the next 2 blocks are out--
I do love the barn and I love the truck--
just haven't decided if I want to change some of the details or not--hummmm?????

Finally a man gets a ladder and climbs up to my bedroom window for me to elope--
and guess where I am???
Not home--outside taking pictures--
that's me always in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!!

Had another adventure last week--
On Friday a nurse came at 7 am to take some blood and here is her wheels--

She was very good at drawing the blood and a very happy person--
In general I feel that the people who live and work in this area are very happy friendly helpful souls--
I just wished I could say that about the seniors that live here!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. There she toes again designing her own blocks. And very cute blocks, I might add!

  2. I like the clothesline piece. Reminds me of helping my mother hang out the clothes when I was young. We aren't allowed to have a clothesline in our development.

  3. Lovely blocks..
    Hope you are okay...
    Such a shame the folk near you are not happy. Lucky you go out and about and met nice folk...


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