Tuesday, August 30, 2016


For the Bee block quilt--
I did change what my truck was carrying in the back of it--
and decided on a blue truck--
though I really would of liked a red one--
but more red is coming up on the next block--
So now there is just 2 more blocks to color and stitch--
I have made my adjustments to the patterns and have them traced off--

And one more baby sweater is finished--
I really liked the coloring in this skein of yarn (took one and half skein)!!!
and yes another one is on the needles!!!

And I got a delightful surprise in the mail last week--
It was from my friend Alice and the card said--Happy Everything--
how cute is that--
and talking about 'cute'--look at this tissue paper that was on the top of everything??
Got some cute fabric--
this cat one is delightfully crafty!!
A lovely new coloring book--
Cute little tub with more fabric and
some supplies--

a marking pencils and a pad for my shopping lists--
 And an awesome stained glass suncatcher for my window
And what you say--
No chocolate????
Have no fear--my friend Alice would not forget the chocolate--
only she knows that sending the actual chocolate to Fl this time (or really anytime) is not the best idea--so she sent cash for the chocolate--and I will be going to town tomorrow to get me some more chocolate as the cupboard will be empty of that necessity after today!!!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Your Bee block and the baby knitting are both lovely, Di. Such a fun yarn to use! Wow what a great box of goodies - enjoy!! (And don't eat the chocolate all at once!)

  2. I LOVE your blue truck full of honey! And what a wonderful surprise from Alice!! Your really are feeling the love, girl. Have fun with all those goodies. And now I'm hungry for chocolate.....

  3. oh Yay! Alice sent it! Lovely goodies... isn't she a sweetie?! xx

  4. The block is darling (as usual!). Cute little sweater, what a great job.

  5. Your bee blocks are wonderful, Di. I like the way you change them to be more you. You know, you should embroider your name on the truck or some where on one of the blocks so every one will know it is yours.
    Hope you are having a great week. It cooled down for a couple of days--dropped down to the high 80's--ha ha. But we did get lots of much needed rain. Some one said it was supposed to be like this until October. I guess we will wait and see. Take care.


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