Thursday, September 22, 2016


I just got another one of my wool projects finished--
for such a small project--there was alot of stitching and changing color of thread--
and did get another Wool project, finished in the prep work--
(needed the back ground fabric--and then to cut out all the wool pieces that I had the freezer paper patterns ironed too)
So the wool box is getting smaller--though I think there is still at least 2 more projects in there!!
But nothing fall--
need to find me a fall project--
though I am working on 2 Thanksgiving projects--
These will be "twins" when I am done--
one for me and one for ??????
One is all hand quilted now and have a good start on the second one!!
And I did get some small fabric orders in this past month or so--
This order--the bali charm pack was only 50 cents-so ordered the Mojito charm pack for $6--
and with the $5 shipping--that still gave me 2 charm packs for under $6 each!!!
and this was 2 more orders--

and this large framed cat's head is the one my DD and I gave my son for his birthday last week--He is like me--loves black cats--and he has a black cat-!!!

Are you all cooler if you just hit Fall---
Or warmer if you just hit Spring????
Think we are still in Summer mode here in Florida!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. Your wool mat would make a nice gift item.

  2. They should be an 'Any' sticker on the space bar. That's fair.

  3. Nice wool centre you have completed.
    Lovely charm packs you purchased. What are you going to make with them?

  4. Now that's a cute wool mat. Love the way you have made the leaves. I bet it was a lot of fun - even if you did have to change colors a lot. Oh - so your son loves black cats too, glad to know you raised him right. hehehe

  5. Just now happened upon your posting on another blog, so happy to meet you and have added your blog to my list of daily readings. Greetings from British Columbia.

  6. Pretty wool project! We just got home from vacation, where it was a lot cooler. It's still summer at our house, but it looks like it will be cooling down a bit this week. Happy stitching!

  7. Everything is pretty! Happy Monday ♥

  8. Congrats on a very pretty finish. You got some pretty charms too.


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