Friday, October 21, 2016


Last night just my son was able to come to dinner--
and after we eat--
we always play some kind of card game--
I actually won a couple games, tooooo!!!
a bit after 8pm my son tells me that we are going on a road trip--
so I get ready and off we go--
and guess where we ended up??
At a Tasty Freeze--
and this one had a new combo--
chocolate and peanut butter twist--
guess which one I had???
and it was very yummy--
now you are probably wondering why I got excited over a 'tasty freeze'??
For one thing there is not alot of those places in Florida--it is too hot here to eat one--
and not have it melt faster than you can lick--
I had not had one since I moved to Florida 13 months ago--
but my son had heard me mention this and he knew of a Tasty Freeze stand just a few miles from here-so he took me out!!!
and the funny thing is--that up North all the Tasty Freeze's are closing for the season--
and I am just getting started--


Had an adventure this morning tooo--
went to flush the toilet--
and broke the handle--so no 'flushy'--
then went to call down to the office--

and the phone is not working--
nor is the Internet!!!
So after walking down to the office to report the toilet--
and after eating my breakfast--
I called the cable company--
we got the phone and internet up and running--
and while I went down to the dock to feed and check on my 'friends'--
my toilet got fixed--
and I am very lucky that it was Friday--
and not over the week end--right?????


So that has been my adventures--
what are yours this past week???????
love and laughter, di


  1. I think there is a competition. 2016 will go down in history as a race to be the most idiotic.

  2. How nice to have your son join you for dinner and then take you for a favorite treat. Pleased you loved it..
    I always think of the Pollyanna movie when thing go wrong...there is always something to be GLAD about. Sew when your toilet wouldn't flush and the phone and Internet was outwas it was Friday sew all
    could be fixed.

  3. You are lucky it wasn't weekend! Glad it all got fixed for you... that ice cream sounds delicious! How sweet of your son to take you there! xx

  4. cream! What a nice son to take you out for a treat!! I never thought about it being too hot for ice cream.

  5. We have Tasty Freeze here. My favorite is vanilla with the quick set chocolate poured over. I haven't had one is 10 maybe even 15 years. How did you like the chocolate/peanut butter twist? You know I had the same problem with my toilet recently - and then when I went to use the my second bathroom it had the same problem! Panic Time! I had to get a guy out to fix it. Glad yours happened on a Friday - and was fixed quickly.

  6. I love that last meme! Sometimes I wonder if there aren't some who think it is.

  7. I never knew that about Florida! So these stands are only open from October to April or something?

    Had to tell you that your comment at my place made me laugh!

  8. chocolate and peanut butter sounds devine......


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