Thursday, October 6, 2016


DD and I have left the east coast of Florida--
we are on a road trip--
at least that is what we are telling ourselves--
we left home at 8pm or so and drove to Gainsville, Fl and spent the night there--
luckily DD had did the booking early Tues morning or we would not have found one--
and this morning we left there and drove on to Macon GA--where we are tonight--
it was a good trip-lots of traffic--but no hold ups--this was a 3 hour trip from Gainsville--
where gas was coming hard to find--
talk about billboard alley==huge billboards--all along the way--
kept me entertained for sure!!!
that and looking at all the license plates--

I took alot of photos with my small camera in the moving car!!!
this is a cotton field--with a neat white church in the background--
love seeing all the cotton fields--

after we checked in here this afternoon--
my DD was looking out the window and seen this--

That is not a dog at the end of that lease--
it is a pet pig--how cute!!!
after a short rest we finally gave in and went for supper--
to the Cracker Barrel --just down the street a bite from  here--
We are tired--
and we are very worried about our friends and our homes and how long it will be before we can go back to even see if we have places to live--sooooo
need to go for now--
tomorrow we are off to Atlanta, GA--have 2 nights booked there--but haven't figured out where we will go after that--
in the mean time--we try to forget for a few minutes at a time our worries that ---??????
love and laughter, di


  1. At least you're out of harm's way!!! I just heard the latest update, and it sounds ever so slightly better than earlier predictions. Praying all goes well and you're able to return home soon.

  2. Enjoy your trip and I hope everything is fine when you return home.

  3. Just have fun and be safe!! Nothing you can do about what is going on in FL. The piggy is cute and I love going to Cracker Barrel.


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