Saturday, October 15, 2016


Nope--that is the wrong title--
it is three towels done--
I bought a couple-three dozen of these cotton towels at least 3 years ago now--
in the spring I did applique on 3-4 of them with butterflies for gifts--
and now I have done 3 more--
and boy would I love a chocolate cup cake right about now!!!
I have applique ready (in another pattern) for 3 more towels--

Been busy all week--there just has seemed a lot to do this week--
but am getting most of the list done--
still need to do some cleaning and sorting in the bedroom--
and do some fall decorating--did get the fall box done yesterday--
and did get a fall wall hanging hung on the front door--
so there is hope for me, yet!!!
Here is a sunset last night from my bedroom window--
and today--
some of the small birds showed up and I had 5 squirrels come to eat and for peanuts--
first day all week that I could sit on the dock --
the breeze off the river has been really bad allllll week--

Have a safe fun week end--
love and laughter, di


  1. Your tea towels are very cute!!

  2. I promise to always stretch before I chase him.

  3. Mmmm...chocolate cupcakes sounds really good about now. Glad to see your birds are finding their way back to you. Have fun decorating.

  4. Your pretty teatowels will make great gifts.
    Love seeing those beautiful birds...enjoy.

  5. Beautiful cupcake tea towels! I found some tea towels while I was sorting UFOs, I need to pop some applique on them one day...Glad you are home safe and sound and that there was no damage to the dock... xx


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