Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I am a NASCAR fan--
so you know what I do every week end!!!
I also use the races as my counted cross stitch time--
for the most part--
here is a finish for this past week end--
I finally got September's done--
remember this month the author was very late in posting the pattern on her blog site--
so that put me behind--then found I did not have the correct count cloth--so had to wait for that to come in--but one more is done--
and I am happy to say that I got a good start on October's stitching--
but will need more cloth for November and December ones--
will order that on the 1st of November--
do have that pattern--and it is a peacock==so am anxious to start that one--
that is my story and I am sticking to it--

Weather wise here in Florida--
we are getting some great sunny days--
but still on the breezy side--
but I still go to the dock each day--
today I had fun watching this Osprey trying to decide if he wanted to catch a fish in the high waves on the river or not--also spotted some dolphins swimming about--

Yesterday  on my walk I found this butterfly--
It looks like it is only partially got his wings open--
but it is actually a second butterfly attached to the first one--
wonder what that is all about?????

And a special note--did you go over to my other site--(upper left hand corner)
to see some kids photo's I took on my trip???
love and laughter, di


  1. Your cross stitch is so cute! Those nature photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Love your candy corn background! What a pretty butterfly(s). And a great shot of the osprey. I take it life is returning to normal near your dock. Fall is finally arriving here, although we're currently experience a few days in the 80's. Seasonal temps return on Friday or Saturday. This is one of my favorite time to go out taking pictures. I put some on FaceBook, but I still need to put some on my blog.

  3. Ha, you and Alice both Nascar fans, no wonder you get along!! I must say I have watched a bit with Alice but can't see the attraction, lol! You guys need to indoctrinate me a bit more! Lovely cross stitch!xx

  4. lovely quilt! I'm sure the peacock one will be lovely too! and those butterflies are gorgeous!


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