Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I thought I came back home and that the hurricane was over--
But the wind here is still heavy--and the waves on the river are still high--
and on Monday and Tuesday--it was heavy overcast and no sun--
I live in Florida so I can have some sunshine every day!!!!

I did get two Thanksgiving wall hangings finished
 before I had to leave cause of Matthew--
I will use one as a gift--
these 2 turkey blocks were made a couple three years ago and they were for a table runner-
but decided to make them into wall hangings instead!!

I got lots of prep work done to take on the trip--
never touched even one of them--
so now it is time to get busy on them--they are Christmas gifts!!!
I did work on some counted cross stitch (still working on September one)
yesterday and some knitting on a baby sweater--

you all know how much I love going down to the dock every day--
and feeding my 'critters'--
I was sooo worried that the weather would hurt the dock--
but the dock itself is fine--
but a couple of my critters favorite trees did not make it--

the water just plain pushed it over--
and there is no shore/beach line left--it is a foot or more drop off before you can step onto some sand--all the way up and down the river side--
the one thing that I had secretly hoped would fly away--
was the new wind chime that a resident nailed to the roof a couple weeks ago--
cause if it is even a bit breezy down there it is loud--can't hear my birds singing!!!
but it is still there!!!!

And up here by the building--
when I looked out my bedroom window to the south--
there is a long tall wooded area--
now there is a hole in the middle of it--
and now I get to look at this light pole--
at night now I can see 2 night lights !!!
But I am not complaining--
we were very lucky--and I am grateful for that--
it's just that I love trees and natures and will miss those that got broken,
or uprooted!!

love and laughter, di


  1. I haven't seen any down trees here, but the woods are still swamps.

  2. I'm just happy you made it home, and didn't have any personal damage! Maybe a good long broom could put the wind chimes out or commission?

  3. glad you have made it back home and things are ok.........

  4. I hope your cute furry friends are ok.
    The turkey blocks are pretty - love the colours.
    I think I just joined "tech support" 😀

  5. I love that cute turkey wall hanging. It will make the perfect gift ♥

  6. It sounds like everything got a really battering but glad everything is "ok" now you're back. Those turkeys are so cute!!


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