Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I was sooo excited a couple weeks ago--
to learn that I had won a prize on the --
Eeerie Nights Blog Hop--
and it came in the mail yesterday--
There is 8 fat quarters here--
Look at all these cute prints--
But now I have to put on my thinking 'cap' and decide how to use them!??
Thank you Timeless Treasures for donating these packs to the hop--
and a Big Thank You to all the gals who designed and showed us some great Halloween items!!

And now for another finish--
a beautiful Peacock was November's animal and I loved stitching this one-again--
each month has been a joy to stitch--
As I looked out my 3rd floor bedroom window I seen some vines  growing and thought--
how much that looks just like a Peacock--
Now doesn't look like a Peacock standing on top of the fence????
or am I seeing things????
Welll--I need to get back to work--

the Christmas elves are off getting the turkey for Thanksgiving--
so I have no help in the stitching area today!!
love  and laughter, di


  1. Congrats on a fantastic win!!! Nothing like free fabric. And I totally see a peacock in the vines. :-)

  2. It DOES look just like a peacock! Maybe it's your 'spirit animal'! Congrats on your delightful win! XO

  3. What a fabulous win, enjoy using them..
    Lovely stitchery Di and I agree, it looks like a peacock on the fence...LOL


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