Sunday, December 4, 2016


With this new fabric line--
and I love the shop called Missouri Star Quilt company--
they have a daily deal--
and often when they have a charm pack as the daily deal--
it is under $2.50 ( and with only a $5 shipping fee) it is affordable--
and last week this is the one they had--

I know that there is more of this line that will be coming in my mail box right after the holidays!!
I just am not sure yet which pattern I will do  up--
But have no fear I will find me one!!!

Living in Florida one doesn't think one would ever walk in the leaves again--
but I do--
each time I do the path though the jungle--
and yes they 'crunch' just like up in the north!!
only difference is--
I get to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts while I am walking in them!!!!!

now a few days ago along the path I seen this branch--
It is beautiful--long with several groups of small pinecones still attached to it--
it would make a lovely country indoor decoration--
only thing is--it is full of tiny black bugs--
that come out of the wood and pincones at night--
was going to get a can of Matt spray to spray it--
but the price of a can was tooo much--over $10--
so guess I will just have to enjoy it on my walks--
and I am not sure where I really would of put it anyways--
so we will leave nature where I found it!!!

Santa and her elves have been real busy in the workshop--
( as long as there is chocolate--we will be busy!!!)
but no photos can be released right now--
but Mrs Santa is taking photos and putting them in a special Christmas file in the computer for after Christmas--so stayed tuned for that !!

love and laughter, di

PS-can't decide whether to sew or do this--


  1. ooh, that is pretty fabric!! You'll be able to make something gorgeous. Our leaves are at the crunchy stage now. Very few left on the trees. I'm sewing like crazy today. Spent the last two days cleaning and baking and cooking for company. Whew. Sit back and relax now.

  2. I got the tree out for my wife. The box sat in the living room two weeks. ...The tree isn't going up.

  3. The fabric is beautiful! Great deal! Yes, sometimes those nature scapes are better left outdoors, sounds like you'll have plenty of chances to enjoy them as the weather remains good for walking :-)

  4. Love that fabric collection... not sure what you had in mind to spray that branch... a bug killer or a sealant... you can usually get different sealants at Micheals or Joanns and use the coupon... just a thought... enjoy that beautiful weather!

  5. Beautiful fabrics, I'm sure you will make something beautiful out of it...
    My tree is still in it's box in the cupboard....

  6. I showed these cartoons to my hubby...they are SO cute! And I love the fabric. I'll look for them online. And leaves? We have a ton of them blowing into our courtyard! And tomorrow it's supposed to be real windy! Holiday hugs, Diane

  7. Pretty fabric! Wonder what it will turn into.
    It crunches here too when I go out - because it is minus 8 and ice :)
    Mostly knitting lately, warm mittens, but I suppose you don't need them anymore :)

  8. Very pretty fabrics! That will be a fun project to start next year. Thankfully the elves came last night and finished putting the ornaments on the tree. The only request after all that work was a Mexican dinner. Worked for me.


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