Saturday, December 31, 2016


Took today and unearthed all those ufo's--
getting a plan for 2017--
I ended up with a total of 24 quilting projects
and 3 wool ones to finish--
and I made the shocking discovery that I started over 10 new projects last year--
that did not get done!!  Mostly bom's--

I did get over 15 projects finished--
some were started and finished in 2016
and some where started before 2016, but finished in 2016!!

here's all the photos of the ufo's--
Bee quilt--#9
Circa 2016-#6

Basket blocks-#5

 Dresses--#12--have 8 done and have designed 4 more
 This one is called "Terry's quilt" and is not numbered --but on January's list--
want to finish it for me bed--
This is out--but not numbered either--but hope to work on one block amonth again--
like I was trying to do this last year--did get 5 1/2 blocks done--
 Opps--this one is not numbered either--but will probably continue to work on it--

Cross stitch blocks--#7
 Hexie quilt top-#10

This is one left from the quilt shop-quilt of the month in NY a few years back--
so would love to get it finished--#4
 Crapapple hill --started a few years ago--love to finish it--#8

 Love these blocks--gotta get them finished--#11

a bom from Jenny--#2

 bom from Shell at Raspberry Rabbits--#3
 bom from Bunny Hill-#1
And I have picked out 12 of these and numbered them and they are in a box to be worked on monthly in 2017 for one of the challenges--

SO -- this is the plan--now to join of the monthly finish blog sites--
to keep me on track!!!
What is your plan for 2017????

Love and Laughter, di


  1. You have lots of UFO's to choose from in the next year. I like the bicycle block. So sweet with its basket of flowers.

  2. You should certainly be able to keep busy in 2017! I'm going to TRY to work with what I have, and not get involved in too many online challenges, etc. Part of the reason I have UFO's is because I jump around so much with different deadlines. I'd like to just sit down and finish one project at a time. Maybe I'll update my list tomorrow. I'm nearing the end of two UFO challenges, which are very similar to your numbered one. THey've been very helpful in keeping me on task to finish some things. I plan to only make one block per month for RSC instead of 5. And I've found another outlet for doll quilts, so I can use up some of my scraps making them. Now on to that list......

  3. Wow what a lot of beautiful projects!! Good luck with staying on track and working on these throughout the year! I would be too scared to sort and number mine - I know there are a few!

  4. I have too many ufo's. I tend to make it as far as getting the quilt top done and then I lose speed. I guess in my mind they are done. I have a pretty decent size list myself that I'm hoping to make a dent.

  5. Beautiful projects, looking forward to seeing them all done :)
    I daren't even make a list of mine, but once again I am determined to work on ufo's .....
    Happy New Year, Di, hope it's a good one. Hugs!

  6. WOW ๐Ÿ˜ณ you sure have a lot of projects to work.. good luck with your finishes...I've decided to not do lists this year. Just play along with anything I feel like.
    Wishing your family and you a fabulous 2017...๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  7. OH MY! You have an amazing list of projects to keep you busy this coming year. A lot of them I have never seen, but they are really gorgeous.
    The last couple of days haven't been good ones for me, but hoping the next ones will be better. Happy New Year Di!

  8. Happy New Year. You've got a very good list to pull from this year. Good luck with completing all the UFOs on your list.

  9. You have some gorgeous projects started. I have some of those in my UFO pile too. Your list is a lot shorter than mine. I think you will easily finish those. Happy New Year!!

  10. So much beautiful work! I hope you get some of it finished. Sounds like you get a lot done.

    FYI, I am afraid to count my UFO's....


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