Monday, December 12, 2016


I think it was in February that I found the free block of the month--
from Snowflower Diaries--
of the counted cross stitch and I jumped in with both feet!!
At the time--
I figured that I would not do them all--
you know how we all get excited about something in the beginning--
and then later--fall off the wagon!!
Well--LOOK at this--
ALL--12 months are finished--
and I love every single  one of them--
So now next year they are all finished and can go on the tray at the first of each month--
instead of usually the last of each month as often happened this past year!!!

And over the week end--after finishing the last one--the dear--
I started working on my cork reindeer blocks--
so far these are circles appliqued on to the background fabric--
When I first designed these blocks it was for these--
to do snowglobes--
but for some reason--
it is not 'clicking' with me now--
so I think I will make them into Christmas balls--
and put a top on the top of them for a hanger--
WHAT--do you think--snowglobe or ornament--
or do you have another idea????

And here is my new ornament for the tree this year--
a cute Ballerina mouse and a white bird with a long long tail!!!
Have had the tree up--
but so far only lights and garland are on it--
wonder when the elves are going to show up to finish it???
Figures--they are out playing with the reindeers!!!
love and laughter, di


  1. These are adorable!! Congrats on finishing them all.

  2. WOW! Good Job finishing them all. It's probably because they are so cute that you were able to stick with it. They are so adorable. As for the globes/ornaments, I'm leaning towards ornaments. Those lazy elves never showed up at my house and I had to do it all by myself. Oh well, it looks good now. You have a pretty tree with white ornaments and white garland.

  3. I am very impressed! I think the cross stitches are so cute, but I haven't even started them. Too many other obligations this year. Maybe next year? The elves haven't been to our house! We have two small pencil trees that stay decorated and stashed in a closet. We had to undecorate one of them and start from scratch with new lights. Now the smaller one looks sad, so it will be next.

  4. Oh how I love your monthly stitcheries. All done and ready to go!

  5. The embroideries are lovely! So sweet! And congratulations on completing them all.
    I like the little mouse on your tree. And I do love snowglobes, but I think Christmas balls will look good, too. Very helpful?? :)

  6. Congratulations on keeping up with the monthly cross stitches. They look great.
    Hmmm! I would make Christmas balls....

  7. Well done on keeping up with the BOM!!! It was a cute one so I'm not surprised :-) I like both the globes and the balls - sorry can't help you decide!

  8. Woohooo! Well done for finishing all those gorgeous crosstitches - you are going to enjoy them all year next year now :) xx

  9. they were great little patterns........well done on getting them all done.....


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