Thursday, December 15, 2016


Is to finish up the decorating--
so far--
this is what I have gotten done--

I built me a fireplace--
with a brick front--it was hard work--
and my fish--
Bubbles kept an eye on me the whole time--
making sure I got all the bricks on straight!!!
a story--
my son showed up for dinner last night with a box and in that was 2 pieces of this corrugated cardboard brick stuff --he brought it from a friends garage sale, cause he remembered how I always make us a fireplace at Christmas time growing up--back then it was fabric that had this same design on it!!

and I needed a place to display my collection of Christmas pillows and during the night the idea of using the chair beside the tree came to me--so used my red and white yo-yo quilt on the back of the chair--
on the wall over the chair is my collection of sisal trees--
I added a tree to some of my favorite cups--
the heart hanging is very old--painted that years ago in a class--can't believe it is still in such great shape still--
this counted cross stitch sits on top of my ladder--
and Mr. Bird is assigned to not let the angel fly away--
and in the corner by end of the wall ac ( and yes, it is on today--mid 80's here)
I took the dolls down and did this--
another counted cross stitch and a tree and a couple guards--lamb and a mouse--
and on the bench is my polar bears--
with a cat keeping his eye on the bears!!!

I still have some things to do--
like decorate the tree--
and still find homes for a couple things that I just have to have out for me to enjoy--
but what isn't done by dinner time and the kids coming--
won't get done--I want to sew tomorrow--
and just sew and bake cookies till Christmas--
sounds like a good plan anyways!!!

How are your holiday plans coming along?????
Are you getting your sewing plans ready for January???
I think I have mine figured out!!!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful!! We kept our decorations simple this year as we got a new puppy and we didn't want him destroying any of the really nice stuff.

  2. Everything looks so nice! I'm wrapping and prepping for shipping today. Then I get to go on 'vacation' and spend my days sewing until Christmas. Just kick back to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, and sew. What a life!!

  3. Wow - you have been so busy! Oh my, how sweet of your son to remember and get that for you. It looks so cool. I like your plan and really want to do that just sew and enjoy life. I'm almost to the point where I can, the tree is up and everything decorated. Just presents to buy.

  4. Thanks for visiting today! You have some lovely Christmas decorations and such a pretty home. Merry Christmas!

  5. Your fireplace looks great. Sew nice of your son to remember you always made one when he was little.
    The house is looking very Christmassy

  6. I love the Christmas tree quilt behind your new fireplace. It's lovely. It is fun to see your ornaments and how you have decorated with them. So enjoyed your cross stitch creations. What a lot of tiny stitches!


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