Wednesday, December 28, 2016


you yesterdays bargains--
Yes there is berries on that tree--
but they are on there in such a way that I can take them off if they don't work out right next year!!
I really probably did not need that container of bows and ribbons---
are you ready for this one--the container is oval and I like the container--soooo!!!!!
I had the white garland on the tree this year and really liked it--but needed a bit more --
I thought, so, bought another one for next year!!
and --yep--those are cupcake papers there on the tray--
am still collecting cupcake papers when I see some I really like--
(my DD thinks I am crazy--she is learning, isn't she??)

And I kinda pooled most of my gifts that I got in the mail--
for photos--
and yes there is applesauce and peanut butter there--
but they are different--as they are organic--and someone knew I like these 2 food choices in organic--
I do have some really neat friends--
what is missing here is all the chocolate I got--
every package had chocolate in it!!!!!

Here is closer shot of the fabrics I got--love every one of them--
oh and can you read that sign--
Now does that 'fit' me or what--
was down there today--
was a picture perfect day down there too!!
And you see the reindeer face--
well--he flew in all the way from AU--
and that yellow box of chocolates flew in from Norway--
Thanks to each and everyone of you who sent me gifts--
all are loved and valued!!
And talking about the river--
here is different kind of photo I took down there today--
the sun was hitting the metal roof of this other dock and sending a ray of sunshine out on to the water like a stream--really pretty!!!

Have a great time enjoying this last week of 2016--
love and laughter, di


  1. LOL! You forgot to mention that some of the chocolate even dripped out onto other packages. You got some lovely gifts, and some pretty fabrics! Have fun deciding how to use everything. I may have purchased your gift for NEXT year today!!

  2. You did well on the shopping. Cupcake papers are such fun, I don't collect them, but love looking at them when we go into baking supply shops.


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