Thursday, December 22, 2016


How many more days to that Big event--
Think it is called Christmas--
are we there yet????

I have some presents under my tree that I am just dying to open--
but I am trying to be gooooooddddd!!!

I did get the office staff here their gifts wrapped and their cards made out--
there is 5 on staff here--
wonder what is in the Santa bags--????
Chill pills--yep-they come in handy when working/trying to please-- Seniors!!!
I got salt/pepper shakers for $1.27 a set--so that is about 65 cents each-
and got the mini M&M's and each package was $2.38--and I got nearly 4 bottles of "Chill pills" from each bag--so that makes this gift very easy to give out!!!
they also all got a bag of cookies on Monday!!
So hopefully I have them all sweetened up for the next year--
and I will be able to get out of Trouble--when I get into Trouble!!!!

Forgot to show you where I hung the two knitted stockings I made last year--
they are on folding doors that stores my fabric and threads and some office stuff!!
I enjoy seeing them hang here--

and on Monday--
I did up the bags of cookies and used this basket to carry them to--
coloring group--
we do have fun at this and even manage to get some coloring done!!!

Right after this was Bunco time for this month--
and that is what the rest of the bags of cookies where for--
There was 8 of us to play--
and guess who had the most wins--
I did--with 16 games and I got 3 Bunco's--
got a nice bracelet and necklace for the win!!
The gal standing up is Joann and she comes in to do the Bunco for us once a month!!

I pray that all are safe and well this holiday season--
love and laughter, di


  1. Wow - lots of festivities and lots of goodies. Don't you just love the spirit of Christmas? I can smell all your cookies from here.

  2. Nice to be enjoying your friends for Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ parties...
    Lots of lovey gifts ๐ŸŽ..

    Have a fabulous Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas. Hope the gifts under the tree were lots of fun.


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