Sunday, January 8, 2017


For Christmas I received a cute cat in the mail!!
from a Dear Friend--
and so it was on my January list to make

see--I told you it was a cat--
I know your were thinking a 'real live' cat---
this one is housebroke and only eats chocolate!!!
I was amazed at how much stitching there was on this small cat--
it kept me busy about 3 full evenings-
Thanks Sunny--she is already for next years tree!!!

I have decided not to do the monthly challenge where the blogger picks a no. from 1-12--
I am better to pull one of my 12 bags out of the box as  to when the mood strikes to finish one--
and this one got pulled out already--
this was a weekly (Friday) stitch along--
and is called Circa 2016--and I used Downton Abbey fabrics for it--
when it got to this size--I feel in love with it and the size-
it is actually a rather large quilt if I had kept going on it--
I do have about 18 more blocks made (4 1/2" size)--
but when I got in the mood to work on it yesterday--
well--once again I realized that I like it just this size--
so now  it has it's back and batting is all hand basted and ready --
for me start the hand quilting on it--
I still have lots of the fabrics left in this line and those 18 blocks--
so ----???????????????

We got some good rain yesterday--
and a big cooling down--
way too chilly to go to the dock--
and today it is still chilly and windy out there--
good day to stay inside and work on quilts--
or read a book or color--
hummm--wonder which one Di will do???

And this is how I would look if I stilled lived in NY-
Enjoy the moments-di


  1. Hmmmmm--I have that pattern somewhere. Ugh!! Little things get lost around here! Big things do too!! Love the colors in the quilt!

  2. Oh! I love that little quilt Di. It has turned very cold here. We got our first snowfall Friday night. They kept saying we were going to get 5 inches, but we only got about 1 to 2 inches. It was so pretty. I didn't get to go out, but I did look out the door. It has been below freezing all day today though, but will be in the high 60's by Wed. I know all the kids enjoyed it because we very seldom get anything but a dusting. Take care!

  3. Cute kitty! I think your quilt is a perfect size. Isn't it nice that we can do our own thing once we get started with a project. You better get this cold weather out of there by the end of the month!

  4. Sweet kitty ready for the tree . Cute little quilt too.

  5. Cute kitty, Di!! Happy New Year and look forward to viewing your fun projects this year!!!

  6. Pretty kitty!
    And you sneaked a photo of me for this post?! :)). Brrr!!

  7. Hahaha - I like the joke about this is how you would look if you lived in NY! Di I love that quilt. Quilting it by is an awesome idea. It will be extra lovely that way. Also you will be able to enjoy quilting it more as you will have more time to explore those fabrics.

  8. Your Circa 2016 turned out beautifully and so did your new kitty. Hopefully you've warmed up some since the weekend.


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