Friday, January 20, 2017


Talk about 'redo's'--
I need a hair-redo--
someone has not gotten to the beauty shop in along time--
so now I have hair in my eyes!!!
Here is the after photos of the newly organized fabric closet--
Got me some really pretty red baskets at the dollar store last week--
and these hold alot more that the short whites I was using--
all the thread boxes are now over in the other closet--
and these are now way easier to see and pull out which one I want--
here is the before photos of the fabric closet--
See--like I said --now it is much better--
and maybe I can find what I am looking for quicker!!
wellll--it is a thought--hope anyways!!!

I did do a bit of sewing this afternoon--
got the Downton 9-patches sewed up and into a top--
now to add the borders!!
and I have figured out my 2nd project of the month for the color of the month--
and hope to get it done tomorrow to show you--

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. It's a great redo. You will be so pleased to look for stuff now that things are more organized.

  2. well done! Want to come help me?????

  3. Very nice redo - looks much better and more organized. You are getting there! I need a hair cut too, and some color to cover the "silver"... xx

  4. Looks great makes me think I need to tidy my cupboard...🤔

  5. You've done great....and reminded me I need to restack some fabric I left in a mess today! hahaha! Hugs!

  6. Having an organized stash is such a big help when starting projects. Congrats on getting it done. I need to do more with mine, but I'd rather sew!


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