Wednesday, January 18, 2017


hung by chimney with care--
these could be really addicting--
and very simple--
(unless you get a piece going in the wrong direction--
leave to me--good thing I have 'seam ripper' on stand by!!!)

Last night I decided it was time to lay out the hexie quilt--
this is the shape it is in now--
very crooked and odd looking--
tried adding these but it still wasn't coming out with straight sides--
so what does one do?????
today ones turn to the Internet and you search for Hexagon quilts--
I seen  hundreds of photos off all kinds of hexagon quilts--
and now I do have some ideas for finishing this quilt--
But-- to decide which idea to use to actually finish it??????
And as it often happens--
I found some other really cute ideas using a hexagon shape--oops!!!

And my fabric orders finally came in today--

just white cotton for backgrounds--
and the larger package is 5 yards of white flannel for a backing on a quilt--
Guess which quilt this backing piece is for????
2 white on white fabrics for backgrounds--
and these two are just 'bonus' fabric that somehow jumped in the cart--
I needed a color fix by the time I ordered all that white!!!!!!!!!!!
the purple one is a larger design than what I thought it would be!!!!


Be sure to read my post over on my other site today--
got me some photos of new creatures--

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. OK, something is in the air. You need to go read my latest post. After sewing black and white stuff for 2 weeks--I needed color! You know I love those colors. Strangely I did not buy any purple.

  2. Lovely stocking and I hope you find a way to finish the hexie top...
    Oh no more fabrics.....

  3. Beautiful hexies, looking forward to seeing how you finish this quilt :)

  4. Great fabrics and I love your hexies

  5. The stockings are such fun. You did well on the fabric acquisitions. Looks like you've got some finishes in your future with all those backing fabrics.


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