Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In the sewing room today--
first on the list was to get --
not one--but two--
of the mitten blocks done--
you see-last block was stockings and there was 2 of those--
so we have to have '2' kids with mittens to go with those '2' stockings,
and here is all 3 of the first blocks--
Ps--don't you like how I am using one of my quilts for  a design wall???
I did have some 'fun' with the mittens--
in wrong direction sewing--
but we got it all straightened out in the end--


shortly after lunch while on herE the first time--
out power went out--
so I could not go back to sewing--
I really needed to get 2 boxes ready for shipping tomorrow anyways--
and in order to find the right box for all the baby sweaters--
I had to  unload the one holiday box I had with Valentines, St Patty's, and Easter in it--
and in doing so--
look what I found--
Yep--another UFO--
so--it is on the table to be dealt with next!!!

And in looking for something else--
I 'refound' these  3 counted cross stitches--
2 of them needed to be totally framed off--
this one --
and this one--
but this one--
just needed the back piece done up--
Now all '3' are ready for displaying next January--
as I will be putting away the snow items in the next couple days and--
decorating for Valentines day--

I also found these '2'--embroidery snowpeople hiding--
 in the Christmas fabric bin--
so we matched them up to some fabric--
not sure if they will be pillows or wall hangings yet--
so they go in the pile with the Valentine hearts!!!

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. The embroidery snow people sure are sweet! You make so many nice things. I need to get busy...you are making me feel like a slug! lol Hugs!

  2. You have UFO's hiding everywhere! You found the hearts just in time. I'm going to have to do some serious stitching when I get home to catch up with you.

  3. I remember the snow people embroideries - so cute.
    What will the hearts end up as, I wonder :)

  4. Hopefully I will get my mittens done soon. Yours are really cute. I like all of your stitcheries! I know--that isn't a real word but it works for me. The hearts are perfect for this time of year.

  5. Hi Di you have been very busy ,I love your mittens and your finishes are lovely,well done.

  6. The mittens are very cute and you are on a roll as usual! Love your other finishes too xx

  7. What fun finds! The hearts are sweet. The snowmen will be fun to show off next year.


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