Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I went to the grocery store this morning--
sooo many times when I go I look at the fresh cut flowers--
and think about buying a bunch--
but I never do--
until today--
After I bought them and was waiting for the other lady with me--
I had a dreadful thought??
No vase large enough for the flowers--
then I remember this large 2 quart old canning jar that I had
 and that it
had made it all the way down from NY by Fed-ex--and had arrived unbroken--
(remember alot of my old stuff gotten broken in the shipment??)
so the 2 got married and look great together!!!

And here is my window ledge in my bedroom-
During the day I put 2 of my houseplants on the ledge with all my Believe signs--
I also have some birds and one mouse who is the 'guard' of the shelf!!

And here is the finished top of the reindeer quilt-
and here is close up--
and yes there was one more reindeer with the squirrel on his backside left--
so it went on the top left hand corner!!!!
I also ordered the backing fabric for this quilt this week--
it matches the series--

I was COLD yesterday--
I know I shouldn't of been--it was nearly 60 degrees out side--
but I ended up having to put on a sweater, pants and even socks before the day was over!!
Luckily today the sun is out and it is warmer once again--mid 70's!!

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. Horrors!!!!! You had to put on socks?!? that's toughing it,, my friend. It's good to treat yourself to some flowers from time to time, and you have the perfect vase. Your window sills are looking good. You definitely have a knack for decorating.

  2. Welcome to Florida where anything below 70 is considered cold winter weather. It's funny how quickly your body adjusted to the Florida temps. People always laugh but it's freezing for us when it's 50 or below.

  3. Good for you for buying yourself flowers. My sister and my mother always do, but I just think about it. :-) Adorable little reindeer quilt. Good job on that one.

  4. Hi Di such pretty flowers and boy love your quilt,its so cute.

  5. Got above freezing today, so I was running around in my flip flops, tiptoeing through the melting snow. The reindeer are really cute and I love the canning jar idea for a vase.

  6. Sew nice to treat yourself to a nice bunch of flowers Di...
    Your bedroom shelf looks great...

  7. A reindeer quilt...oh my! How precious is that! And it's warmed up a LOT today, hasn't it? I should be out there taking a walk...or cutting some roses for a vase! Hugs!

  8. Very pretty flowers. I'll pick up a bouquet when we visit Whole Foods, which is about once a month. It's nice to have fresh flowers to perk up the table when it's cold and dreary outside.


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