Saturday, January 14, 2017


It is purple month everyone--
and I actually sewed some purple things on--
Scrappy Saturday--

This year my quilt theme is birds--
So up first is--
Mrs.P--she is soo excited--
she actually got stitched and can now hunt for bugs--

and I will do one string block of that months color for this same quilt--
so each month is a bird and a string block in the months color--
I do have one other block I want to do that will be another quilt--
but that block will have to wait until next Saturday!!!

And here is my 'evenings' work this week-
I am working on the hexie flower quilt from a couple years ago--
this is English paper hexies--I still have a dozen or more flowers to sew to this quilt--
it will be exciting to see how large this one gets,  when I get it all done--?????

What did you get stitched today?????????

Enjoy the moments--Di


  1. Love your birdie! I finished a purple doll quilt, and then got sidetracked with two other doll quilts. Trying to get some fabric out the door, that I'll never use otherwise. Great work on the hexies. I've been working on mine since 2010.. Not sure if I'll live long enough to finish it.

  2. Love the purple of course. I should use some of my strips and do the string thing too. I started one before, but I made myself do it without any purple at all. The hexies are pretty too!

  3. Oh dear is everyone doing the rainbow challenge?? Maybe I should too.... told Alice I wasn't but oh well.... do I have purple scraps is the question???!!! Love all the things you have been up to, you are on a roll as usual! xx

  4. Your Birdie is cute and will look fabulous with the stippy blocks in your quilt...
    Lovely Hexie flowers Di...

  5. Very fun purple birdie! Looking forward to seeing those come together and checking out your other project.


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