Thursday, January 5, 2017


I did it--
got the New Year's Eve challenge finished--
I know--it is past New Year's--
but I did work on it then--
it's just--took me longer than I thought-
yep--even the binding is all stitched on--
so this one will be ready for next Christmas--
to use or for a gift--

I also got No. 24 done--
baby sweater that is--
that is the blue one--the pink/ teal one was #23--
I just sent an email to an organization in MN to see if they are interested in them--
would love to get them in the mail by the 17th--as they say postage and shipping prices are going to go up!!! Booooooo!!!!

this morning I had to wait for a Pharmacy to deliver my prescription,
so I did some clean up--
like putting threads back into their containers,
miscel sewing tools away--
and even changed the needle on the sewing machine--
and got a couple projects prepped for future work--

Ahh--Mr Bird--that peanut is for the squirrels!!!
Oh well--you are a pretty bird--you can have it!!!
Enjoy the moment-di


  1. Both projects are so nice! You've done well!

  2. You seem to be getting a lot accomplished...I need to get busy like that. The sweaters are very nice.

  3. Can't you find a place locally to take the sweaters, so you don't have to pay shipping?I've been lucky enough to find local outlets for most of my small projects. Love the new sweaters. And most people feed the birds, not the squirrels!!

  4. Congrats on the finishes! You are zipping right along. The bird is retaliating for the squirrels around here that empty the bird feeders.
    My Microsoft Outlook has gone on a vacation and didn't tell me where, so at the moment I have no email. No fun!

  5. Great finishing your little mini and the jumpers are lovely. I agree with Sunny, can't you find a local place who'd love them....

  6. Congrats on the finishes! Better late than never. Your bird friend is a handsome one.


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