Monday, January 2, 2017


MY word for 2017 is --

The word Joy is a noun--
and the meaning of it is-***a feeling of great pleasure and happiness****

For me--
I just want to take more and longer moments to 'enjoy' what ever it is I am doing--
or for whomever I am with family or friends--
or just those times I am lone and watching  Bubbles sleep or swim--
or when I am down on the dock watching nature or just listening to nature--
I want to learn to take more 'moments' and feel the **joy** in that moment!
I feel we miss these 'moments' all day long--
cause we are already looking for the 'next' moment--
that we forget to take a 'moment' and breathe and smile and enjoy!!!
New Year's eve I was sitting and enjoying a dish of chocolate chip mint ice cream--
and I had been hand quilting on the small Christmas quilt--and for some reason it was still on my lap--get the dish of ice cream finished and go to pick up the quilt to stitch some more--and look at what I find on it--

a big 'glob' of chocolate!!
now who dropped a chocolate piece on this quilt???
I just sat there and stared at it for a bit--
not sure whether to try to fix it while it was wet or wait until it dried--
I did wipe the main lump off it--
and then I did wait until it had mostly dried then took a cold cloth and dabbed at it--
Here it is a bit better--
but later I got it to look like this--
You can hardly tell what I did once it dried so am ready now to get back to work on it--
I also got last years counted cross stitch framed yesterday--

Using the cake board method for framing--
got it done and dried in time to pack it away for use next year--
Is it Christmas 2017 yet????
I also got all the decorations collected and packed and the tree down and packed --
so that when my son came around 4:30 he could help me up it all up in the closet--
and with doing all that--and looking for ufo's--
my big closet in the bedroom is all cleaned and organized--
and here is a stocking story for you--
years ago--like 40 or so--
I knitted all 3 of us a stocking--
see the Danny one and the Mom one--
well--somewhere's along the line my daughter lost her's--
which was a Santa we believe--so to surprise her this year--
I designed and knitted the tree one for her--she was soo pleased--
she always displays the stockings on the end of her couch--
And here is a picture of her tree--
it is huge--
she got it after Christmas last year at Walmart for $20.00--
when she took me for the after Christmas sale--
so see Mom's are fun to go shopping with--
oh and this is the first year she has had an artificial one--
she has always done a real one---!!!

Well--it is with ** joy**  that I say--
see ya soon--di


  1. Great job on the stocking! It sounds like you have a pretty good plan for the new year. hope you find JOY daily!!

  2. Everything is better with chocolate on it right??? There is a reason I only take a drink with a tight lid on it into the sewing--I am a klutz!!! Joy is a good word! I haven't picked on yet, but it maybe RELAX.
    All your projects are gorgeous!

  3. Joy is such a perfect word...a perfect concept! You'll have a wonderful year focusing on joy my friend. I have a word...I'm working on a post right now! Hugs!

  4. That was a lucky save with the chocolate, Di! Great word (and concept, to borrow the previous comment) for the year :-) findng those wee moments of happiness and joy can uplift one's soul so much. Bet your daughter was very surprised with the stocking!!

  5. Wishing you a joy-filled 2017! You picked a great word for this year. Sounds like you've recovered from the holidays and are ready to move on to some serious joy making activities.


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