Monday, January 9, 2017


Monday's I go down to the
Community room and join some other
ladies who like to color--
It is the only time I actually color each week--
After Christmas I bought myself a Christmas gift--
a new set of colored pencils--
there is 126 different colors and then 10 that are frosted colored ones!!
I tried them out today for the first time as they came in a couple days ago--
and I really really like how they color--they are a soft lead pencil so they color and fill in real quick--
They are all lined up in trays and you pull them out of the carrier--all the colors are grouped together too so easy to find the color you want--
and the case has a nice carrying handle and enough room at the top part of the case for my pencil sharpener and a regular pencil and my color scratch sheet--
I ordered this set from Amazon and it was $29.99--
and with ordering some color books so the order totaled $50 I got free shipping--
here is the rest of the order--
This order came in --after class today--
I really love three of these books--just my style of coloring--
don't care for the Bird watchers book--
so will give that one to someone else to use--

I also spent some time yesterday and today putting this 3-ring note book together--
I have printed off  alot of patterns on the printer from the computer--
craft, quilt, cross stitch, wool patterns--
so now they are in the clear plastic sleeves --
much much easier to find the pattern I want or to just look through for ideas!!!

be sure to -Enjoy the moments in your day--di


  1. What fun, Di!!! Great post, I know how the dog feels not finding wherected the car is parked!!!! :( Hug's, Carolyn

  2. WOW! The colors of those pencils are so pretty! I bet they are very fun to use. I haven't seen any frosted ones. What do the colors look like when you use them?

  3. Hey, I made the little table mat that's in your binder. I have a binder too, and stick everything in plastic sheet protectors. Your colored pencils look really nice. I do NOT need another hobby!

  4. 'where did we park'

    (I resemble that remark)

  5. That is one giant box of pencils--very cool! Well done with the notebook. I need to redo some of mine.

  6. Ooohhhh pretty! I bought new pencils right after the holiday, but haven't sat down to color. Hopefully you've had a chance to play with them a bit.


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