Tuesday, January 24, 2017


While the wind was really bad here for 2 days--
I did not blow away--
so that meant--
I needed to get back to stitching--
I did finish the cat--
but then I 'ruined' it--
The pattern only had 2 eyes and I think they were buttons--
I said all cats have to have noses and whiskers--
so I drew them in permanent marker until I could stitch them on with embroidery floss--
I do not like it at allll---
the face area is not large enough to do it correctly--
so it looks like this cat will have to get redone!!!!

And then this afternoon I did get the top finished for the last Downton Abbey fabric--
but not with out it's 'trails' and some froggin along the way--
the last 4 blocks that I stitched to add to this quilt--I ended up sewing it on the wrong edge--
and also realized that I had not squared up those 4 blocks--so out came the friendly seam ripper--
and a redo--
now there is not much fabric left--enough for a binding is all--not even enough for the backing--
haven't decided if I am keeping this one or sending it up north to my girl friend for one of her hospice quilts?????

and my favorite 'mouse' has died--
at least it doesn't want to work anymore with the computer--
good thing I have a second one--
always good to have a second mouse!!!
I called my daughter about going shopping tomorrow--
but she was with a neighbor--and they were trying to decide if DD needed to go to the hospital--
she had cut her thumb chopping something in the kitchen and it wouldn't stop bleeding--
they decided she needed to go--poor kid!!

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. Oh I hope your daughter is doing ok, did she get stitches?
    Your projects are coming along nicely. I haven't used a mouse in years. I have only a laptop now. Love the dog pic

  2. A shame about the car, maybe the swirly pattern makes it look a bit off?
    Or maybe you just need to get used to it the way it is :)
    The Downton Abbey fabrics are lovely!

  3. Good wishes to your daughter, hope you salvage the cat in a way that makes you happy :)

  4. I don't think the kitty looks as bad as you do - I thought he was rather cute. Once I came back from lunch and a co-worker had taped a picture of a kitty that looked just like the one you have made (only it was real and had yellow strips) to my computer. I had no idea why she did that as we had never talked about cats before. She thought the fat cat was adorable. Maybe that's why I like your kitty block. I also really like the pic of the dog with the pink mouth! hahahaha

  5. Sorry for all the missteps this week. Some weeks are just like that.


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