Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Well--here is the first look at my new sewing room--
I was worried that it would take up too much wall space and my table would not fit on the same wall beside it--there seems to be enough room--the test will be when the kids come and if they have enough room to pull the chairs  out--time will tell--
but the mean time--
I finally have a sewing center--
the new ironing board though was a bit disappointing--there is not real padding under the cover--so need to work on that--and I was surprised that I could find a lamp to match the teal in the cover and that my sewing machine front is the same color--How cool is that--?????
now I am trying to decide if I want to order some new curtains for the windows in that same teal color--am getting tired of the burgundy ones anyway!!!

and as for nature yesterday--
down on the dock--I gotta photo of Mr.C peeking at me from behind a tree--
yep--a pure moment of  'joy' there!!

Enjoy the moment--di


  1. Looks awesome!! Now there will be no stopping you!!

  2. What a wonderful sewing space Di....I love the teal , much better then burgundy... maybe you could make some nice curtains to match...

  3. WooHoo! A new sewing center. Now you can sew away like crazy. And be oh-so creative!! Definitely go for the new curtains. Teal is much more appropriate for FLorida.

  4. I am afraid sewing has taken over my dining room...but I so love also having a sewing machine up here till I can sew in odd moments when cooking, etc.

    Love that photo of the Cardinal peeking from behind the tree...great capture.

  5. Congrats on your new sewing space. The teal is a nice bright spot in all your accessories. Teal curtains would be fun too.


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