Saturday, February 18, 2017


It really bothered   me all night that --
the house block was not coming out right--
so this morning--
I started another one--
and here it is --step by step--
first though I played with 'fussy' cutting some cute windows--

see the kitties???
I knew that the main body of the house was correct--
and once it was done-
I measured it--
it was 6 1/2 " wide and 8 1/2" long--
Then I stitched on the 2 sides of 1 1/2' strips--
and then the problem came into 'view' again--
the roof--
I did go ahead and stitch it by the measurements on the pattern--
2-3 1/2" by 4" pieces
and did the peak in the center--
and made the 3 1/2" the height--
but look--
the roof is too narrow--
now yesterdays house I just made the roof longer--
but this time I trimmed the sides of the house--
to match the size of the roof piece--
so I think these should of been 1" by 8 1/2"--
Now the block measures 11 1/2 long by 7 1/2 wide--
Then I added the side piece --just like the pattern said--1 1/2" by 11 1/2"--
and this house finally looks like the house in the pattern--
then I decided I would just unstitch the tree that was stitched to yesterdays house--
as it was pretty good--
but then I decided also that I kinda liked this house from yesterday better for this quilt--
so I just trimmed down each side--
of the house block-
so the house block matched the new one and added the outside strip--
then added the tree with a bit of adjusting--
and now look--
they match---
and now I have a cat in the window block to do something with!!!!
 before I even started stitching I did a bit of work on the sewing machine--
with making sure I had a actual 1/4" seam guide--
But I think some of my problem is with ironing too much and that stretch's  out the fabric--
I can not use spray starch--sooo!!!!

OK--here is some really good news--
another "ufo" is done--
 my heart quilt did not get done by Valentines day--
but did get it done by the end of the week--
and I love red and hearts year round!!!

             Enjoy the moments, Di


  1. Sometimes we just have to take these blocks in hand and figure them out! Sweet little homes!

  2. Goodness me... I wonder if anyone else has had problems with that house? The kitties are cute though, and love your heart quilt xx

  3. I like your kitties in the windows. I will attempt my house and tree tomorrow and see how I do. I'm glad you figured it out--it gives me hope. Your hearts are super cute.

  4. Building houses is not an easy task, is it? Glad you persevered. Your Valentine quilts turned out great. I need to make something for Valentine's Day, too. Maybe for next year??

  5. Glad you figured out the secret to success with your house blocks. Your remodeled block looks great and the one with the cats in the window is so fun. Happy stitching this week.


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