Friday, February 3, 2017


I did some 'puttin' together today--
here is the first one--
remember me finding a couple snowpeople blocks the other day--
this one did stay with the same fabric that I had picked out--
it also now has the batting and backing--just needs to be basted and quilted--

this one--however-
informed me it did not like the first fabric that I had picked out for it--

so I had to go digging around and we decided that Christmas fabric was just
not the thing for this one--

and with a little luck we found this fabric and the snowlady smiled--

this one how also has the backing and batting ready--

I also got the backing and batting ready for this quilt--
along with the binding--

so I did get some stitching done today--
the morning was spent on Laundry and the telephone--
business calls--
like the WiFi on this computer is not connected--
talked to Specturm and they said they would have it fixed and call me back in 3-5 minutes--
welll--that was hours ago--hours!!! still nothing--I can work fine with out it--but when the kids come they need it and if I am paying for it--I want it--right????
also UPS delivery guy is lazy-- he even left my package this morning outside on the bench--
which is the 2nd time it has happened--
they are suppose to bring them in the building and to our doors--anyone can 'pick' up a package that is left outside this building--alot of folks come and go in here in a days time!!!
ok==whine is over!!!


Now on to a real problem--
What projects--such as bom--do I really want to do this year??????????
we know that I am doing the color of the month--

with the cat and log cabin blocks--quilt 1--
and a bird and strip block--quilt 2--
and maybe a 3rd one here??

and this one--
the Christmas one by Sew Fresh Quilts--
here is a bunch more that I have been collecting--
Oh dear--it looks like Di is getting closer to make a decision on doing this bom!!!!
it would have rabbits and chicks in it ---!!!!!

am getting more tempted to do this one--
though it would mean having to buy fabric for this one--
that would be 'hard' to do right?????/lol

Here is 3 more--
and 3 more==6 more to think about--
and now we have Jenny's--
but her's this year can be made into single items--
love this first one--
I still am behind on her last 2 years of bom's!!!!!

Oh and aren't we suppose to be doing up all our 'UFO"S'????
I think I have a problem--
can you help me solve it???????????????????

Enjoy the moments-di


  1. Let's need to sew all the time and skip meals! hahaha I guess that's no help! You would faint! But you've got some great ideas for this year and looks like you'll stay busy! Hugs!

  2. Lots to choose from!! I am doing the Jolly Christmas one. Last night I did the mittens. I am thinking too about bunnies. Easter is not that far away!

  3. Hi Di wow lots of beautiful projects,oh i love those snowmen.

  4. I love the border fabrics that you chose for you cute snowmen, especially the first one! And the bunny pattern that you have laid out - ooh la la! I may or may not have bought a new small project in Fernandina Beach yesterday. It's cold here today!!!

  5. Oh yes the background fabric for the snowman in the tea pot is just perfect....
    Hmmm!! how many projects do you need to work on Di... I'm tired just reading about them.....

  6. Hmmm, way to many fun things to pick from. Your snowmen turned out very cute, the red fabric was perfect for the second one.


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