Monday, February 20, 2017


I did get the 2nd block made in the bom of the
Buttermilk Basin row by row--
this one was much smaller and did not take nearly as long to stitch-
but I had fun picking out the colors of wool--
I really do love working with wool--
and I got another baby sweater knitted--
this was the largest size--
and today--
I went shopping with a neighbor to Hobby Lobby--
as this yarn that I use for the sweaters was on sale--
and here is my new stash--
right now I am doing the preemie size--haven't done that size before--
but think it will only take one skein--we will see???

somehow I ended up over in the fabric section and look what came home--
with me--
now I did need the '2' pink ones for my stash--as I don't have much pink--
and one of these days pink will be the color of the month--
but I just couldn't not get a small piece of the black--
it is soo rich in color and designs--
seen a couple others I liked too--
but--money only stretches sooo far at the end of the month--

And I did get this out of the closet--it is the new bedspread to be finished and quilted for my bed--
remember I was to start finishing this in January--and here it is the 3rd week in Feb and not one stitch has been added--!!!!!
I also did work on my new design wall yesterday--but it is not finished--
still trying to decide what size to make it--at least that is my  'excuse' for today!!!
and we were back in time for me to go to coloring group today--
so been busy --but not on sewing--

          Enjoy the moments, di
I know you can't see me!!!


  1. Love the bird and nest of eggs.

  2. Your BOM looks fabulous...
    sweet cardigan and lovely yarn for the next ones...
    Hmm! strange that fabrics always jump in your bag....
    Have fun with the bedspread...

  3. Your wool block is adorable!!! Looks like there was some fun shopping. Where did you find to send your cute little sweaters?

  4. I love your Buttermilk Basin project...your stitching looks so perfect. Isn't fabric/wool shopping wonderful. Like you, I can't get enough of either. It is indeed blissful. Happy stitching/knitting.

  5. Lots of pretty new acquisitions. Hopefully you got in lots of stitching this last week.


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