Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I have been busy the last  2 days--
but have found some stitching time--
did get these 3 projects basted--
so now, just have to find time to hand quilt them--
first goal is to do the 2 snowpeople ones--

Then today I did get this one prepped--
all the pieces are ready to be stitched onto the background--
except the bunny--
I really wanted a white bunny in wool--
and all I could find in the shops here was felt--
I did my online search and found a nice place back up in NY that has a great line of wools in all colors and sizes--she has an Esty shop--
and I ordered the white wool and it is already on it's way to me!!!
Gotta get going on this one as the next block comes out on Friday!!!

and I got his wool piece finished over the week end--
and I had a large piece of brown felt in my wool box--
so using it for the back/batting piece--so this needs to be basted--
then hand quilted--

I also zigzag the edges to these 3 pieces--
in this pile is 5 yards of white white flannel--
for the backing on the quilt I am (suppose to be working on this month!!)
 making for my bed--
a one yard of white on white design ( that is terribly stiff feeling)
and 2 yards of white(but really looks a bit off  white) flannel for my design wall--
all these need to be thrown in the washer and dryer--
so I had filled a bobbin with too much thread when I was hemming a t-shirt over the week end--
so used it up  on these pieces edges so they won't ravel in the washer!!

and this is the project I am working on now--
this was another one I had in my wool drawer that was all prepped--
the last one I have in there did get some work done on it over the week end too--
so it is now ready to start!!!

Now I have to decide whether to finish the flower wool mat--
work on the rabbit and wagon???????

But first--
I need some chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

This is what I want for Valentines Day--


  1. Hi Di, there are plenty of projects here to keep your fingers busy! They are all lovely - hopefully the wool comes soom so you can get up to date on that one. Have fun!

  2. Lots of lovelies there to play with Di.....

  3. My gosh, girl! Your wool basket must have been bursting at the seams. You just keep pulling more and more out of there. You'll certainly never have a chance to get bored. We got home last night, and I went to a sewing group today. Felt good to get some girl time.

  4. Hi Di ,omg i am loving your wool project,cant wait to see your snowmen finished.

  5. You've got some fun and cute stuff to work on. Happy stitching this week.

  6. OK, you have been a very busy girl. I thought I had been productive. Everything is very cute!!

  7. Wow Di! These are great! I love all the project and good for you for finding the white wool. A white rabbit is a must. hahaha


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