Monday, February 27, 2017


watching the races yesterday held at Daytona speedway--
in the community room downstairs--
I decided it was a good time to also baste some quilts--
and I got these '2' done--
the Reindeer ornament one is all ready now to hand quilt--
and the Hexie quilt is ready for phase 3--
phase 1 was making the hexies-
phase 2 was sewing them together into a top--
then the fun began on how to finish it--
and that brings me to phase 3--which will be hand appliqueing all around the edges
 of this  top piece now basted to this background piece--( I wanted to baste it all down
so I wouldn't haven't anything off centered--)

and I am now knitting the preemie size of the little sweaters--

these are so tiny-the  sleeves are only 2" long--
have a pretty yellow one I am working on now!!

got another total finish--
got the hand quilting done on the teapot and got the binding on it this morning--
and then I actually sat and got it all stitched on--so this one is done and done!!

and one block is appliqued from this project--
notice I fussy cut the center's on the flowers--
I think this makes #8 that is done for this quilt--

Wonder if I can get another finish in by tomorrow night at bedtime????

And some mail came in today--
fabric--of course--sale on Missouri Star--
Charm pack by me and my sister--called 'Rainy Day'
and they are sooo cute--look at the little fishy fabric and the tiny umbrella's-
and a lovely color range--orange-bright pink-blue-purple-lime green and aqua--
also got these 2--

the one is a solid white though it looks beige here--
the other one I love--the color is like a light celery green--
might be a great border on just the right fabric!!!!

Well--we got one day for this month --
what we will get finished?????



  1. My gosh, girl. You must b turbo-powered! You must not sleep much. I'm working on two UFO challenge projects. One is verrrry time consuming, but I'm going to love it if it ever gets finished. It's a long-term project, but I need to make sure I make monthly progress instead of packing it away again. What tiny little sweaters!

  2. I am sure that you will finish at least one thing before tomorrow. I think you need to teach Kyle a thing or two about finishing!!!! Can't believe you got anything done during the race. I got out my basket of cats to blanket stitch and only got about an inch done. Maybe I will do better next weekend!

  3. You were very productive during the race... not that I will every understand you and A,- watching cars going round and round in circles :) That little sweater is amazing! xx

  4. That tiny sweater is adorable! And you are smart to sew while the races are on! They are not my fav...but I was at the park! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  5. Cute sweater, Di, so lovely for the little ones to keep warm. I tried sewing an arm in a jumper while watching tv - got it inside out didn't I :(

  6. Great to get two quilts basted while watching the races..
    What a cute tiny cardi.

  7. You are the busy bee in such a short month!Lovely projects.

  8. I missed the NASCAR race, we had family stuff due to the wedding last weekend. I'll miss this week's too. You've gotten lots done. Now you can pick up and stitch on several projects when you have a spare minute here and there.


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