Tuesday, March 14, 2017


But first--some work--
I did get 2 blocks done today--
for the color 'red'--
Here is my cat block and the log cabin block for that quilt--
But I have a question for you!!!
Here is the other 2 colors so far this  year--
do you see on the teal and purple ones I added these paws that the pattern shows--
but I don't know if I like them--
what do you think--which looks better--with the paws or without?????

I also got 2 other blocks of the bom's  prepped--
the wool one--
Will work on this one later tonight--
and this one--for the Christmas bom--

Ok I have made you wait long enough for the FUNNY story--
My DD picked me up about 3pm today to go to the Library--
after we came out--
I told her about a Pie shop that I had heard about--in that area--
she had wanted a Cherry pie and the grocery store didn't have one--
so off we went--
we did find the little shop--
and it is called Joan's Perfect Pie--
I wanted a Lemon one--but those are only special order--
and I wasn't really crazy about the selection so had pretty much decided not to get one--
but DD got her Cherry one--
then they started talking about it being National 'Pie' day--
so I decided I had to have one after allll--
so got me an apple one--
how cute looking is this????
the clerk was telling us that they had sold out within an hour today and they all had to work hard
to get more pies made--
this little individual pie cost me $6.95--
when I got home I was emailing Sunny and telling her about my Pie adventure--
and then she emails me back and says that today is "Pi" day not Pie day--
National pie day was back in January!!!!
Sooo--I guess alot of people eat 'pie' on National Pi day--crazy people!!!

            Enjoy the moments, diane 


  1. But really, how else would you celebrate Pi Day? I think you made the right choice. So how was your Pi? And YES to paws.....

  2. Ha ha ha I thought it was National Pie Day too until later this afternoon when I was talking to my grandson about it.
    I think I would go with the paws.

  3. Any excuse to have a pie :))
    I like the paws, but the red one looks good without - maybe because of the fabric pattern?
    Have a nice day!

  4. Oh Yes paws and love your Cat blocks...
    You are getting lots of prep work done..
    I had to look up Google to find out what Pi Day meant..
    Having a PIE is a good way to celebrate ...

  5. Weirdly I think the two with paws look good that way, but the red one doesn't need paws because of the way the pattern on the fabric falls. I know--not helpful!! And since today is National Everything you Think is Wrong Day, I would not decide until tomorrow!!!

  6. I like the paws... and I would have liked to try your pie for Pi day :) xx

  7. I like the paws too. My Guy (the math major) challenged DT to make a pie for Pi day. She did, she made a key lime one, My Guy's favorite. It was good.

  8. That pie looks delish and I wish I had as much done as you do on the BOM's. I'm falling behind! Oh well one day I will get caught up.
    As for the cats...I love the red one without the paws but I also like the other with the paws. I too think it's gonna depend on the print that you use on each kitty.

  9. I like them either way but they are less work without and I don't think the paws add a lot to the design.

  10. Whether with or without paws those cats are cute. (I really couldn't decide which I liked better.) And I wish it was still pi day - I want a pie.


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