Saturday, March 25, 2017


I got up and got around and did start on the quilt--
the first step was squaring up these blocks--
then laid out the piles of pieces--
this quilt is put together on 'point'--
my least 'favorite' way to put a quilt top together--
very quickly --
I had to move to the bed in the bedroom to lay out the quilt--
and I had a problem part way through--
I thought I was off by '3' more of the 9 patch blocks--
I found more done out here in the dinning room--
that was a big relief--
but then I was having trouble with the corner pieces--
and things were not matching up right--
a 'light-bulb' moment--there is '4' corners on a quilt--
and they take a different direction triangle for that--
then things progressed nicely--
these little 'abc' pins came to the rescue too--
only could not find the 'a'--so used 'xyz' buttons--
it really made it easier to know what to sew to what
once I brought the pieces out here to sew!!
I am getting there--just the middle '2' rows to go--
( they were the ones that wanted to be 'different'!!)
and at around 3pm this afternoon--
I was ready to square up the quilt--
and here she is--
One rather large top for me--is done--
this measures--52" wide by 66" long--
if I had more of the light blue flower print--I would make nice wide borders
and this one would easily fit my twin bed--
but this line is old enough that I know I won't find any more of it--
for now I am finished with this one--
I was only going to finish the rest of the 12 blocks for this top--
but now I have a whole quilt top--amazing!!!

And I have decided I am going to take the next week off--
from much sewing that is--
I need to do some serious spring cleaning around here--
so that is the plan!!!!!



  1. Di, your quilt is drop dead gorgeous! I'm so glad you decided to finish it. Ooh, love your blog wallpaper, too. Have fun cleaning. That's what I'll be doing the next couple of days.

  2. Congrats on a gorgeous finished flimsy! Setting on point takes a lot of planning and second guessing, but you got it all mastered. Enjoy your spring cleaning next week.

  3. I really love it Di. It is one gorgeous quilt top. What Quilt are you planning for your bed?
    Have fun doing your Spring cleaning. It has warmed up some here, but not enough to get me in the mood to clean. LOL

  4. WOW Di I do love that quilt. I hope you can find something to make some borders ....
    Oh yuck 🤢 Spring cleaning , I'm glad it's Autumn 🍂 here .

  5. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the fabric you used! Gorgeous!!

  6. I would rather take a week off from life and just sew, but I guess you can't always get what you want. I love your quilt top. The colors are nice and soft. Well done!

  7. Lovely top! I bet you could find a fabric that would work for some wide borders. Would be so pretty on tour cute bed!

  8. Love it! It has turned out soooo well! Love the colors.. I may need to buy it from you :) xx


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