Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I had one more block to do on the old ufo --Pick 16--to make--
and I looked and looked and finally decided on a basket block--
the little one with 4 baskets on it--
and in making that block this morning--
all I could think about was--
"I am going to be my own 'basket case' by the time--
I figure this one and get it stitched!!!!"
But it is finally done and added to the other 12 blocks--
and here is block 11 that I made yesterday--

and I only need 12 blocks for what I am doing with this quilt--
Here is all 12 blocks now--
and here is my pile of the 9-patches so far--
I might be half way done with these--
these have been good leaders and enders while sewing the other blocks--
The next step is making the 12 blocks larger --
and trying to figure out which fabrics to use to do that --
as I can't get any more of this line--????????

I also got the wool block finished for the row by row--
these blocks look simple--but there is alot of detail stitching on them--

And remember the little pile of 4 patches that I did with the mini charm packs--
that I also had used as leaders and enders??
well--they are now all sewed together into a top--
now to decide how I want to finish this one?????

Soooo--I have been busy--
I even got  a whole book read and half of another one this week--
now that is really good for me!!!

I am on 'duty' this week as the Night Angel--so that does take some time up for me--
but--luckily--it is  only one week, a month--and guess who gets Easter week end to work???

Me--that's who (wait a minute--didn't I do Christmas??!!!)

Ohhhhh--would I love some pizza tonight!!!!!


  1. Basket case? I thought you were posting about me for a minute! lol Love that pink quilt that goes into red! It looks a little shabby chic...which I love! Thank you sweet friend for your prayers. Hugs, Diane

  2. Your blocks look really pretty together,but the 11th one looks very complicated. You did a great job making it.I love the baskets.

  3. Love your 12 blocks, they are going to look so pretty all put together in a quilt.. what is a Night Angel? xx

  4. You have gotten a lot accomplished. Well done. They are all awesome. With all the extra hours I have at work this week, I have only managed to read a couple of pages before falling asleep. And thank goodness for frozen pizza!!!

  5. You know I LOVE the basket block! I'll be making a similar block soon. And I have a small quilt with the yellows and pinks hanging on my bedroom wall. Great minds really do think alike. Although your fingers and mind work much faster than mine!!

  6. Very pretty blocks. Looks like you've gotten some pretty stitching done this week.


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