Monday, March 13, 2017


Years ago I did some work that  used a hammer--
and flowers&greenry and fabric--
then Fiona over at
went to a workshop over the week end and that is what she did--
the next day I had to decide what to do with my Valentine plant--
the beautiful Azalea plant was pretty much dead--
( I don't have a green thumb--but then someone else told me that alot of these plants are just hot house plants and just don't live once taken out of that environment--sooo)
and then I remembered Fiona's post--
here is what I did with some of the blooms and the couple leaves that I found--
I also did discover two small plants still had young green growth--so those I did keep--
and we will see--
anyways--I plan to do a bit of embroidery work on this yet--

Yesterday during 'racing' I did get 2 more quilts basted--

I sure struggled with the backings and battings on these 2--
decided I am not tall enough nor have long enough arms to do this job!!!

this is my JoAnn's purchases on Friday--
the grey with the black on it went on the back of the rabbit quilt--
and blue one with the flowers is on the back of the 30's print one--
the polka dot one is for my stash and the cards of buttons were --buy one, get one free--
and these are for the baby sweaters, ducks, rabbits, teddy bears and penquins!!
and here is another preemie sweater knitted--

In the mail--
I got this pattern--
(again another blogger got me into trouble, by showing her's on her post!!!)
and I finally ordered the white crayons--
as I have a couple other patterns of Crabapple hill that I need them for--
and my truck will be 'red'!!!

and more fabric--
Wanted another 10" cake of this line for the Patchwork blocks that I started in this line--
and also got a couple yardages of the bunnies for that quilt--
and this selection is mainly for those blocks--
and this 10" pack just has lots of colors in it and will go into each color stash--

So that's it for today folks--
Happy Stitching--
                Enjoy the moments, diane


  1. Pretty! You will have to give me the details on those pretties. We have a lot of blooms around here that are not going to survive the cold we have been having--after the warm we have been having. Love all your fabrics. Looks like neither of us will run out of stuff to play with for quite awhile.

  2. Love what you've done with your Azalea's. And I didn't know you could buy boxes of just white crayons. Did you get them online? Lots of pretty fabrics to play with there.

  3. Nice way to use your Azaleas 🌺.... you always buy such lovely fabrics and bits .....
    Cute premier cardigan.

  4. Very pretty azaleas print, it really does look like spring. You got lots of fun stuff to play with. Looking forward to seeing all your blocks.


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